Woodcarved Art Gallery Upcoming Events





Be sure to visit us at one of these events ! 

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There will NOT be an Open House event, as we

no longer live in a place where we can have our own gallery



In the hopes of meeting our new neighbors, 

we will be at a local event on 

Saturday, October 13, : Craig County Fall Festival

Main St. & Court St. , New Castle, VA.

the day runs from 9 - 5, one day only





Nov. 23-25:    Winter Fair - Cincinnatti


Nov. 30 - Dec. 2: Winter Fair - Columbus




We Hope to See You at One of these shows! 



Contact Us:

call;       540-319-5138     or
e-mail;    carverdianeharto@gmail.com






Meet Our 2017 Raffle Winner! 

This is Cindy Wozniak of Streetsboro, OH. 

She was the lucky winner of a Snowman character

 carved by Bruno Battistin 

Cindy said she was glad she braved the bad weather

to come to our open house!              





Contact us at:  540-319-5138   or  carverdianeharto@gmail.com



See additional photos and instructional videos at: