Power Carve This 

Red Panda

in the Round


March 24-25, 2018


Missed it!  

We had a full 

class of happy 


It was a great time

and a fun project!


Thanks to those who 



Relief Carve this

beautiful Trillium

With Hand Tools 


May 19-20, 2018


Another One Done!

8 Students had a 

great time learning new 

skills and making new





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 memorable experience!



New This Year!

Wood Burning a

Black Capped Chickadee


July 21-22, 2018


Wood burning with our burners or your own, 

You will be able to choose from several patterns to adorn this basswood plate. 

Then add tints of color with Watercolor paint


fee:    $ 100.00

(waiting list only) 





 Each class is limited to 7 people








Newly Reprinted,


Announcing the 4th printing of the
woodcarving pattern book;

  CARVING WOODEN CRITTERS  by Diane (Ernst) Harto    
       This delightful collection of animal patterns has now become  available again after being out of print for several years.  Brought  back by popular demand, this is a low priced  book with carving  patterns suitable for the novice and experienced carver alike.        Written by Diane Harto, (previously Diane Ernst) and originally  published in 1993, this book is still a favorite among the carvers and  instructors.  
 With step by step photos of how to carve a bunny. Shown as power carving,  but can be used to guide a whittler through the shaping and finishing as well.
   A must have for all carving libraries.  Available for $7.99, (US) by visiting:


Carver's Questions and Answers

If you have any question about carving; "how to" or "with which tool", or you would like to get a product recommendation, here's the place to ask!    If you send me an e-mail I will post it here with an answer to your question.

I'll start today by telling you some of the tools I use. 

     In addition to gouges and knives, I am a big fan the Foredom flexible shaft grinder.  With a vast variety of burrs and bits you can really make a lot of saw dust in a little time.    

     When I'm done roughing out my band-sawed blank, I turn to my Ram high-speed grinder for the detail work.     

     If I need to do more fine texturing I may use my "Feather Etcher" wood burner.

     The finish I like best for a natural look,  is Homer Formby's Tung Oil.

     When I paint, I might use Jo Sonja acrylics or Windsor Newton artist's oils


   If you have questions or comments about any of these,  or a question about a technique you're having trouble with feel free to e-mail me at this address;     carverdianeharto@gmail.com  or you can use the handy form below,  and I will post your question and my answer as you see below.



     What sharpening system do you recommend?  

    We use the Nancy Burke Tool Sharpening System.  Available as follows:                




or Direct from Nancy Burke;       402-623-4292


 Thanks for asking!


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