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Jim Stadtlander 

For over thirty years, Jim has been intrigued by wood; the grains, the colors, the textures. He combines this with a fascination for the human face and form.    His love of wood and the beauty he sees in his subjects enables him to spend the countless hours necessary to create each piece. He feels an intimate bond takes place during the carving process. Details are important, but so is allowing the warmth and beauty of the wood to be seen. If colors are used, they are applied in such a manner as to enhance the subject and not disguise the wood's grain and characteristics. 

Diane Harto

All her life Diane has loved the look and feel of wood. With her artistic beginnings based in pen and ink drawing and trained in commercial art, it was a happy transition from flat art to the 3 dimensional challenges of wood carving.  She enjoys the whole process of studying her subject, drawing patterns in all views, and finally shaping a wood block into a life-like work of art. The many hours spent shaping, texturing and finishing a carving bring peace and serenity to her being. Her subjects frequently come from the animal kingdom favoring birds and small mammals. Her hope is to capture the spirit and essence of the wild creature.

Jim and Diane are both mainly self taught carvers.  Jim's background in the lumber business and Diane's training in marketing make their union one of great team work.



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As of Sept. 1, 2018,  we have moved! 

We've relocated to Virginia to live in the mountains

and enjoy a change of scenery!  

We will no longer have our gallery, but plan to offer our 

carvings in established art galleries in and around Virginia, 

and also continue to go to art shows around the country.


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May 1 through June 7 , 2015  our carvings were on display at the 

Cleveland Botanical Garden!  This is quite an honor for us!   The exhibition was really a great experience and we enjoyed the botanical atmosphere. 


  We were the "ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE"  At Timmons Elemenatary School in Chagrin Falls, Ohio;

     We had a great time back in January of 2014, when we did a week-long woodcarving demonstration for the children of the Timmons Elementary School, as a part of their art program.  Timmons is a member of the Kenston Schools, in Chagrin Falls, OH.  This was a really fun week for us and for the kids at Timmons Elementary.  





See the article about Jim & Diane 's walking sticks in OHIO MAGAZINE'S August 2013 issue! Step in STYLE, by Jill Sell.  It talks about carving walking sticks as a form of folk art.  Great pics there!   To see it click this link!


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  We would also like to announce that Diane Harto is the FEATURED ARTIST in the fall, 2012  issue of Wild Ohio Magazine!


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